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About me:

You don't want to read my whole resumé, it's boring and you don't need to know that I speak conversational Italian or played college lacrosse.


I have worked as a writer and editor for websites like Travelocity and magazines like Draft (beer is a theme) and Men's Journal. I ran an art gallery in New York for 13 years, producing exhibitions, finding artists, and selling art. Additionally, I was writing catalogues, press releases, social media posts, a book, and even the occasional email. I do brand copywriting, having worked most recently for Bally Sports, the country's largest regional sports network.


I do standup comedy and have produced shows. Initially they were on IG Live - cuz the pandemic - but have also created live shows. I even write jokes for marketing events. I've helped out companies like Hulu and Taco Bell make jokes about cats and burritos. 


This is pretty self-explanatory.

Thanks for writing!

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